Everyone Gets To Pray!!

Prayer is central to everything else that we do at V61; the very heartbeat of our community. The two main ways which we engage in prayer as a community are through our House of Prayer, months of prayer in January and September and regular prayer evenings throughout the year.

Our space is open for bookings – individuals, families or groups can book hourly slots and the aim is to fill as many hours in the day 8am-9pm everyday. As people have spent time in the prayer room we’ve seen many answers to prayer. We regularly redecorate the room around a particular theme and it’s always an amazing space to get away and spend time with God through prayer, worship & creativity.

Individual Prayer

Book a slot to pray individually and have the House of Prayer to yourself!

Open Prayer

These are usually high-demand slots that we keep open for anyone to turn up to and pray!

Themed Prayer

These are special times of prayer together including Topical Prayer, Creative Prayer or Worship!

House of Prayer

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