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  Together Bringing Life


We are a growing church community made up of people from many walks of life. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your background or experience. If you’re exploring faith or looking for a church to call your home, we’d love you to join us in Balham on a Sunday.

One Church

Two Sites – Three Services

We are a multisite church in South London. This means all of our Sunday services have the same feel, values and DNA. Click below for details of locations and what to expect.


10:30am  &  6pm



Isaiah 61 Inspired Our Name

Our name comes from Isaiah 61, a scripture that describes Jesus, his ministry on earth as well as what Jesus wants our ministry to look like today.

New To Church?

Find Out What’s Happening

Explore Faith

The Alpha Course is a fantastic chance to explore some topics you may never have thought about and to invite friends who would be interested in talking about faith.

It doesn’t matter what your background is: you might have never been to church before, never really understood the Christian faith, or just want a chance to re-examine the basics. So long as you have questions, Alpha is for you.

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